Books published so far:

Far Horizons: Across the Great Divide

Stalked by a black bear, encountering a close shave with a bull buffalo, having his tent eaten by an elk and being mugged by a gang of delinquent racoons; these are just a few of the adventures the author experiences in his gentle 'bimble' around North America.  In the process a land of enchantment is gradually revealed.  But, will he survive intact when he finally comes face-to-face with that most dangerous of animals: the Canadian Sunday afternoon driver.....?

Far Horizons details a four month journey circumnavigating North America, undertaken in 2009 and covering around 20,000 miles.  It is a light-hearted and personal account, written by a navigational incompetent.

The book is now technically out of print and becoming quite collectable.  The author intends to revise and republish it soon but, in the meantime, there are a limited number of new signed copies available direct from the author (at £10 + postage) either by contacting via the contact page on this site, or via ebay.  Second-hand copies are occasionally available through Amazon and ebay.  Finally, if you live in Milton Keynes or parts of New Zealand, your local library will/may stock a copy.

A Call from the East - A journey around the edge of Europe

Having circumnavigated North America in 2009, the author and his doughty pillion rider decide to tackle Russia and Georgia.  It's a test ride really, a pre-cursor to attempting to ride their motorcycle across Siberia.  Blocked from entering Georgia, they decide to ride around the Black Sea, heading for Turkey, then Georgia.  In doing so they pass through Ukraine and Crimea, before getting thoroughly lost in Transnistria.  Their journey, which took place in 2012, took them to twenty-one countries, one rebel breakaway republic and one British overseas territory - in some cases areas that have now changed forever.  There are numerous sub-plots woven into the narrative: discoveries of well-known and lesser-known cultural gems, vignettes of history and geography and the unusual tales of an extremely fortunate mule and a swashbuckling kidnapped rabbit.

This trip took five months and around 18,000 miles.

The book was published on 24th April 2023 and is available from all good bookshops and online stores (either as a book or an eBook).  Limited numbers of signed copies are available from the author via ebay or on request (please see the contacts page or look on ebay).  The price is £18.99 + postage.  Sorry about the price.  Printing costs have almost doubled since the publication of Far Horizons!