“This is really well done. Terrific descriptions and typical dry British humour. I've been in many of the same locations and enjoyed reliving my own travels through the author's eyes.”

“Very well written and enjoyable book - the chapters are quite long but well partitioned to allow you to take a break or read straight through. I like the amusing stories and the vivid descriptions of the author's experiences, particularly with the local fauna.”

“A super book. Well written on the lighter side of motorcycle travel.”

“Good read and lets you know how vast & diverse America is both size wise & culturally, makes you feel like taking your own trip to wherever.”


“Although this is a book about a motorcycle journey, it is more about the journey than the motorcycle. So while other riders will definitely find plenty to relate to in the bikey-bits, it's just as entertaining for people who don't ride motorcycles.”

“I loved the book. Having travelled many of the miles that Andy did, it was interesting to hear the thoughts of someone who has never seen them before. I enjoyed Andy's style, it was like sitting over coffee or a beer and having a great chat with him.”